In today’s world, it is inevitable that disputes arise between individuals or legal entities in legal relations due to various causes. Therefore we aim to solve the problems meticulously.

  • Consumer Law
  • Family Law
  • Code of Obligations
  • Compensation Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Execution and Bankruptcy Law
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Law
  • Agricultural Laws and Legislation
  • Association and Foundation Law
  • Litigation at the Regional Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court Litigation

Our main objective is to act in accordance with the basic legal rules in terms of establishing and managing commercial relations and providing the consultancy services.

  • Companies and Contracts
  • Commercial and Corporate Cases
  • Competition Law
  • Energy Law
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Franchise and Agency Agreement

Commercial relationships are essential in the globalizing world as long as the human factor exists. Rapidly changing needs determine the supply and demand basics and the inadequacy of national legal systems become appearent. With our broader vision, we provide all kinds of assistance as following:

  • International Trade Law
  • Customs Law
  • International Maritime Law
  • International Treaties & Conventions
  • Transport Law
  • Export and Import Transaction
  • Incentives
  • Free Zone
  • International Trade Documents
  • Foreign Investment Law


Practices of Labor Law are essential in today’s economic and working conditions. We give legal advice on the field of Turkish Labor to companies and provide necessary support.

By keeping touch with the Human Resources units of client company, we ensure that the entire procedure is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations until the end of the employment period and by informing our clients for making the necessary arrangements by presenting all applicable regulations affecting the employee-employer relationship to the attention of our client.

  • Individual and Collective Labor Agreements
  • Internal Rules and Regulations of Companies
  • Occupational Accidents
  • Severance and Notice Pay
  • Job Security and Terms of Termination

Approximately 1,610,000 public officials are employed in our country. It is inevitable that there will be legal disputes in the activities of professional community with such a high number of members either collectively or individually. Besides this, it is quite natural that every company - no matter what kind of -has to be in a relationship with the administration needing legal support. In this broader framework, as UP Law and Consultancy, we carry out the following activities;

  • Disputes between Public Officials and Administrations
  • Disputes between Companies and Administrations
  • Disputes arising out of Public Tenders
  • Disputes arising out of Tax Disputes
Justice without power is inefficient; power without justice is tyranny.

Allegations that criminal law norms are violated are assessed by adhering to the principle of legality, in the light of the principles of personal fault liability, the rights and freedoms guranteed in the Constiution, international agreements and constitutional state, presumption of innocence and the princible of fair trial rights. And besides legal counseling and services are provided in every phase of judgment from the beginning to the investigation stage.

  • Criminal Litigation Procedures and Processes
  • Litigation at the Criminal Courts of Peace, at the Criminal Courts of First Instance, at the High Criminal Courts and at the Specialised High Criminal Courts
  • Organized Crime and Smuggling
  • Litigation at the Regional Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court Litigation