It is called "CRIMINAL LAW" for the efforts to discriminate against the dynamic phantom with the static written rules and to distinguish the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, the innocent from the innocent.

Of course, this is our definition based on our experience.

Life, like people, is in a continuous process of change and development. As people evolve and change, life also paralles and changes with the character of the people, which it shelters and hosts.

Every development and change will result in new situations and consequences.

Criminal Law is a branch that takes precautions for events likely to happen and putting the distinction between what is necessary and what should be the norm.

The difference between what is and what should be is that it creates many subjective position such as incitement, prejudice and taxis and the subjective position such as complainant, suspect, defendant, detainee, convicted, involved, witness, witness.

Trying to manage dynamic life with static rules results in a lot of problems in practical applications.

Moreover, since it is difficult and tedious to obtain the law, laws are enacted by taking into account the provisions which are more extensively envisaged by the legislator and were only satisfied with this state for a long time.

However, the judge must be bound only by the framework of the rules in the concrete case. The details need to be walking fairly by interpreting according the dynamism of life.

However, ever changing technology and commercial life and accompanying innovations create many positive and negative effects on the individual. The question of under what circumstances the perpetrator commits the crime becomes as important as the question who had committed the crime.

The foremost task of us lawyers is to manage the process effectively and adequately as the attorney of complainant or suspect

We have to adopted a defense strategy that takes into account what the other party percieves of our strategy rather than what we are talking about our strategy.

It is also important to remember that the prevention of crime requires less labor and is less expensive than advocating crime.

Applying purely written norms without considering human psychology and sociological developments is only a PUNISHMENT without construction.

If the term LAW comes next to the the PENALTY CLAUSE, it is obligatory that all variables mentioned above should be included in the account.

Here, with the resoluteness and determination of being a party to these judgments, we, like every jurist, represent our clients in the following areas and provide consultancy services.